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Knowing Better

I am a veteran and former teacher, having taught History, Government, Geography, Economics, and Psychology at the junior and high school levels. I hold two degrees; the first in Social Studies Education, where my primary focus was on modern world history, and the second in Psychology, where I focused on cognitive psychology – how the brain receives and processes information.


Video editing has always been a hobby of mine, so in June 2016 I decided to combine my education and career with that hobby and started the channel.


Knowing Better is about clearing up misconceptions and giving you a base of knowledge to better approach topics. Explaining the difference between an assault rifle and assault weapon, the beliefs and history of Scientology,

or discussing whether the Potato Famine was a genocide. Hopefully, the next time you end up in a debate over the latest political meme, you’ll know better.

Know Knowing Better... Better?

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